Wellness and fitness massage

Partial massages 20 min 18,00€
Back massage 35 min 30,00€
Full Body Massage 45 min 40,00€
Stone pine oil massage
30 min including 10 minutes rest

The properties of the oil are derived from the ingredients. Softwoods are generally considered to be cleansing and clarifying. The stone pine is ascribed to endurance, strength and durability. The soothing effect of pinewood on the heart and circulation is beneficial.
30 min 35,00€
Leg massage 30 min 30,00€
Breuss massage

a gentle, strong energetic back massage
20 minutes and 10 minutes rest 32,00€
Hopi ear candles treatment

Natural flame movements act like a gentle eardrum massage. The heat activates the circulation and circulation of the lymph. For stress and nervousness, ear and headache, runny nose and cold
30 min 30,00€
Aroma massage

A specially tailored to your type aroma oil is incorporated in this gentle full body massage in the skin. Has a calming, balancing and relaxing effect.
45 min 48,00€
Foot reflexology relaxation massage

It is a pressure treatment that exerts pressure on very specific areas of the foot. Occasionally, it is also applied to the hand modified. By pressing acupressure points are served. which can be found on a foot reflex zone table.
30 min 30,00€
Basic salt-oil massage

gentle full body massage with nourishing skin oil and basic mineral salt. Beneficial peeling effect; perfuming and deacidifying, detoxifying.
50 min 55,00€
Relaxing leg massage

Beautiful feet for a lifetime! Our feet carry us through life and deserve a loving treatment. The foot-leg massage has a positive effect on all organs by stimulating the energy points. It promotes the circulation of subtle energy flow and leads to a state of deep relaxation. A beautiful foot massage reduces stress, promotes sleep, enhances mood and creates a sense of well-being throughout the body.
45 min incl rest period 40,00€
Anti stress treatment

balancing ear candle treatment with facial and scalp massage. Dissolves relaxation, supportive of infections.
45 min 45,00€
Herbal massage

... for the skin, which thanks to its firming, detoxifying effect is a first-class, cosmetic treatment. This massage also relieves tension in the muscular area and tightens problem areas, e.g. Stomach, legs and butt.
45 min incl rest period 39,00€
  75 min incl rest period 68,00€